The Lifegiving Home: A Review of Sally and Sarah Clarkson’s New Book



“Every rhythm and atom of existence are spaces in which the kingdom can come, in which the story of God’s love can be told anew, in which the stuff of life can be turned marvelously into love.” Sarah Clarkson

We only need bare essentials to survive, but home was intended to be a place filled with so much more. Sometimes, though, it’s difficult to envision what a home can be. Sally and Sarah Clarkson have just released a book filled with ideas on how to grow, belong, and flourish in a ‘lifegiving home’. They give us vision for how to create a space that gives life to body, soul, and spirit.

The Clarkson’s home has been filled with tea times, books and stories, traditions, spiritual rhythms and practices, feasting, and a focus on beauty. My family and I have been in the Clarkson home numerous times over the past decade and have been a witness to their hospitality through Bible studies, feasts, Christmas parties, teas and more. Sally lives a full life with her family at home and maintains a robust travel schedule. But she has continued to create a welcoming environment in her home in the midst of it all (usually a delicious candlelit breakfast by the window with tea when I stop over). Sally and Sarah speak extensively in their book about all the people they opened their home to over the course of Sarah’s growing up. They also refer to seasons of difficulty— like a church split, or the abandonment of friends, or the passing away of relatives— when they needed to close their doors for a time.

The LifeGiving Home book is an inspiration to open your home and to be hospitable to your family and others within the limits of your personality and God’s timing. Sally and Sarah share their stories to encourage us to be intentional with what our families and home might look like in our own unique ways.

My family has some things in the common with the Clarksons— our love for music, books and art to name a few. But we also love to play sports and watch them (by ‘we’, and I mean my husband and son!). God created all of our families with unique interests and desires— and all of them can be a springboard for bringing vision in the cultivation of a life-giving home.

How might our homes become welcoming, orderly, lovely, and laughter-filled places where memories are made and shared? I encourage you to pray and ask the Lord to show you what it looks like for you with your life to take a step toward making your home a life-giving one. This new book from Sally and Sarah will a go a long way toward helping your imagination.

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